Cedar Shake

Cedar Shake

The principle behind cedar roofing shakes is overlapping panels. Overlapping shakes insures water just rolls off one shake onto the other and then off the building altogether. Cedar roofing shakes have been around in the Pacific Northwest for centuries. They’re a natural building material and one of the best inventions for building a roof, not to mention how beautiful they look. Cedar roofing shakes come in a variety of styles including hand split or tapered, either way the thin end fits neatly underneath the thicker end and works with the steep angle of the roof to create a watertight surface.

• Cedar shake installations provide a more irregular, rustic appearance.

• Cedar roofing shakes are beautiful and a natural fit for rustic or country style homes and are a far more elegant and long lasting solution than traditional vinyl roofing.

• The lifespan of a roof built from the cedar roofing shakes is between 25 and 50 years depending on the grade of cedar you choose.

• All our cedar roofing materials are treated to resist fire and the natural oils found in the cedar ensures rot and mildew resistance.

• Cedar roofing shakes are one of the most practical and elegant roofing solutions on the market.